Assignment Writing Services or AI Writing Tools: How to Choose Wisely?

School and college are associated with educational achievements, breakups and makeups, and the first steps toward independent living. Yet, some people don’t realize how hard it is to keep up with everything when you’re a student.

To maintain the life/study balance, you might’ve already checked the essay pro review to ensure the platform corresponds to your academic requirements. And many students turn to a trusted assignment writing service when struggling with this or that discipline. But if previously they were limited to services from human experts, now they have other options.

You probably already tried an AI writing tool like ChatGPT. Such tools are often free and provide users with results within less than a minute. However, when you need your writing assignment made with no risk of regretting the whole venture, which one should you choose: good old expert services or modern AI-driven tools?

Let’s have a detailed look at both of the options so you can decide wisely.

The Pros & Cons of an AI Writing Assistant

Of course, when you think about AI-driven help with academic writing, probably the first thing that pops up in your head is ChatGPT. On a surface level, it’s quite logical, given that the OpenAI app remains the talk of the town, and deservingly so. Rarely a new app gains over 100 million active users within just two months.

Yet, it may not even rank among the best AI writing tools when it comes to academic help, as it’s not designed for those purposes. But we are not going to focus on ChatGPT solely, as we need to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of AI writing apps in general.


  • The main benefit is that AI writing tools are generally free.
  • Most of the apps have a user-friendly interface; thus, you won’t have to study manuals to figure out how to operate them.
  • The AI-driven writing apps can produce the desired text within less than a minute.


  • The tools are designed to produce text quickly, yet originality and creativity are not their strongest assets.
  • The text produced by an AI-driven tool cannot be submitted as it is, as there are multiple AI detectors that can easily tell human- from machine-written text.
  • The app relies on the materials that it finds online. Not all of the source materials are reliable, which can lead to low-quality texts.
  • AI tools are trained to follow the instructions, but they are unable to fact-check what they are writing. You’ll have to revise or even completely rewrite the produced text.
  • Unlike human experts from an assignment writing service, the tools struggle with handling complex tasks that require a lot of research and analysis.
  • Like with any technology, there’s always a possibility of a glitch. A system error can lead to confusing outputs that make little sense.

The Pros & Cons of Assignment Writing Services

As you can see, an AI writing tool can come in handy when you need a fast-produced text. It may help with the structure of your assignment, given it got your instructions correctly, and provide you with bits of text that you can use as an inspirational draft. Still, all in all, it’s far from being a remedy for academic writing.

Now, let’s check out if opting for an assignment writing service is a wiser decision.


  • As you’re going to work with human experts, you can expect customized assignment writing help to meet your requirements in terms of writing style and formatting.
  • You don’t have to worry about plagiarism, as many services provide their customers with plagiarism reports, proving that the delivered piece is unique.
  • Confidentiality is one of the top priorities for assignment helpers; thus, you don’t have to worry about the security of personal or financial data.
  • Human experts can handle tasks of various levels of complexity, from high school assignments to Ph.D. dissertations.
  • When ordering from a reliable platform, you are going to be matched with a specialist with a degree in a respective field.
  • Experts can provide certain insights and ideas that you’ve never thought about previously, which turn the whole ordeal into a learning experience.


  • Unfortunately, a human’s work takes longer than just a few seconds. The minimum deadline for services ranges between three to six hours.
  • Customers should check and revise the text to make sure that it meets their expectations.
  • Academic writing help is not free, although most of the services offer budget-friendly prices.

What About the Reputation of Services and Tools?

So, do students still use assignment help services just because they are something conventional? The services have been on the market long before the Internet became used by literally everyone. Most of the services are trustworthy because students are satisfied with the delivered assignments. Experts can easily imitate your style. So, ethical aspects aside, you deserve the grade that you get for it.

OpenAI chatbot, as well as other AI-driven tools, are the new hot property on the market. With all the funfair, they are not that good. Yes, you can use them for simple tasks but not for something complex. The apps frequently go off-topic, and they have word limitations, unlike human professionals. Speaking about AI detectors, some students were even expelled from universities for using the tools.

All in all, AI writing is a nice supplementary option. You can utilize them when you are working on your task on your own but need some small assistance with structuring or crafting particular parts of your work. But, at the current stage, if you need a tool that will do all the work for you — it doesn’t exist. Without guidance, the apps can produce subpar texts that contain plagiarized materials.

If you want the work done by somebody else, you should opt for human experts. For example, essayservice reviews is a legit assignment writing service where experts will handle all your writing chores. Your order won’t be ready within seconds, and you’ll have to pay for the services. But in the long run, this option is risk-free, unlike its AI counterpart.