Dr. Anosh Ahmed’s Passion for Helping Others

Dr. Anosh Ahmed of Houston is a physician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist passionate about helping others.

He’s given back to his community in countless ways, serving as a healthcare provider and advocate and lifting up his community through various contributions.

One of Dr. Ahmed’s most significant achievements was becoming a licensed physician. His most recent accomplishments have involved giving back to and helping his neighbors through the Anosh Inc. Foundation.

A Healthcare Provider and Advocate

Dr. Ahmed is an eminent internal medicine physician with many professional medical achievements. These have been spotlighted by Thrive Global and other national publications.

After obtaining his medical degree from Windsor University School of Medicine, he did his Internal Medicine Residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago. During his time at Mount Sinai, he was responsible for diagnosing, treating, and caring for adult patients. Dr. Ahmed’s medical approach is compassionate and personalized.

After Dr. Ahmed’s residency, he served as the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) at Loretto Hospital, overseeing a clinical team of more than 150 physicians and 600 professional staff. During this time, he provided change management and leadership for a private hospital serving more than 33,000 patients annually.

One of Dr. Ahmed’s lifelong goals has been to make healthcare more accessible to all.

Through Dr. Ahmed’s medical practice and entrepreneurship ventures, he focuses on giving back to his community. He believes we can make the world a better place by taking care of others.

Aside from his experience in healthcare, he has founded several businesses. He spends the majority of his time and energy on philanthropic pursuits. Much of this has to do with his humble background.

Dr. Ahmed has a scholarship program to help students facing personal hardship. The program awards students a scholarship to help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

He also donates to various charities, including Developments in Literacy, American Red Cross, Islam by Touch, and Catholic Charities.

Dr. Ahmed focuses on creating an equal and prosperous world where all can succeed.

Giving Back with Anosh Inc. Foundation

Dr. Ahmed is the CEO of Anosh Inc. Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports the community for a better future.

Through the Anosh Inc. Foundation, Dr. Anosh helps disadvantaged children and adults through various projects created to provide access to safe housing, education, and medical care.

Anosh Inc. Foundation offers:

  • Food assistance
  • Clothing donations
  • Health and career fairs
  • Shelter
  • Scholarships
  • Mentorship programs

Dr. Ahmed has also supported and sponsored various charitable events through Anosh Inc. Foundation. Recent events include the Back-to-School Bonanza, Holiday Jamboree, Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway, and Health Outreach with Family Gateway Shelter Dallas.

Along with growing Anosh Inc. Foundation, Dr. Ahmed plans to continue helping more people in his community and expand globally to help people in need worldwide.