Protect Yourself: Defending Against Evil Energy Attacks

Have you ever felt completely drained or had the sense that someone was intentionally directing bad energy your way? You’re not alone. Evil energy attacks are real and can have a profoundly negative impact on your life. As an energy sensitive person, it’s critical you learn how to protect yourself from the dark forces that feed on fear, anger, and suffering. The good news is there are effective techniques you can start using today to shield yourself from harm and maintain your own positive energy. By being vigilant and strengthening your aura, you can defend against psychic attacks and other malevolent acts meant to disrupt your wellbeing. Knowledge is power, so arm yourself with these practical strategies to safeguard your energy and stay strong in the face of evil. The battle for your energy is ongoing, but with the right tools you can emerge victorious.

Understanding Evil Energy and How It Manifests

Understanding Evil Energy and How It Manifests

Evil energy refers to harmful vibrations that can negatively impact your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It comes in many forms, like envy, anger, greed, manipulation or control. Some people consciously direct evil energy at others through curses, spells or psychic attacks. But evil energy can also build up in a space or attach itself to objects through tragic events or negative emotions.

The signs of an evil energy attack are varied but may include:

  • Feeling suddenly anxious, depressed or angry for no reason
  • Having nightmares, insomnia or restless sleep
  • Experiencing a run of bad luck or misfortune
  • Noticing unexplained physical marks, pains, illnesses or injuries
  • Observing electrical devices malfunctioning or lights flickering unexpectedly
  • Feeling a sense of heaviness, discomfort or negativity in a particular location

Evil energy feeds on fear, so the best way to defend yourself is through positive thoughts and actions:

  1. Avoid feelings of fear, worry or helplessness. Stay optimistic and confident.
  2. Practice self-care through exercise, meditation, prayer or smudging. Keep your energy high.
  3. Surround yourself with supportive people and set clear boundaries. Don’t engage with manipulators or bullies.
  4. Use protective talismans like black tourmaline, obsidian or citrine. Visualize a shield of white light around you.
  5. Seek professional help from a healer or shaman if needed. They can clear evil spirits and negative attachments.

With vigilance and the right techniques, you can protect yourself from evil energy influences and maintain a positive space. Stay strong in yourself and keep the light shining bright!

Common Sources of Evil Energy Attacks

Evil energy attacks can come from some surprising places. ### Sources in Your Environment

Energy vampires – These negative people drain your energy and mood. Limit time spent around chronic complainers and pessimists when possible. Their toxic vibes can permeate your energetic field.

Electromagnetic fields – Wi-Fi signals, cell phones, and other electronics emit electromagnetic frequencies that can disrupt your energy flow. Take occasional digital detoxes and limit screen time before bed.

Geopathic stress – Energy lines in the Earth, known as ley lines, can emit harmful radiation if you spend a lot of time directly over them, especially while sleeping. If your bed is positioned over a ley line, it may lead to restlessness, insomnia, and drained vitality. Consider moving your bed to a new spot in the room or using a grounding mat.

Residual energy – The energy imprint left behind in a space by previous occupants can influence the mood and energy level of current inhabitants. When moving into a new home, do a cleansing ritual like smudging with sage to release any stuck or stagnant energy left behind by prior residents.

### Protecting Your Energy Bubble

There are a few simple ways to defend against energy drains and keep your energetic immune system strong. Spending time in nature, meditation or yoga, surrounding yourself with positive people, and keeping a regular self-care routine can help maintain your energy reserves and shield your aura. Also, be selective about what media and information you consume, as fear-based propaganda and disturbing stories can weaken your energy field over time.

Staying centered and grounded will make your energy bubble less permeable so you’re less susceptible to outside attacks. Take a stand for your own well-being and protect your space – you deserve to feel empowered and energized!

Shielding Yourself: Techniques for Protecting Against Evil Energy

Shielding yourself from evil energy attacks requires vigilance and learning some tried-and-true techniques. As with any form of self-defense, preparation and practice are key.


One of the most powerful ways to shield yourself is through visualization. Picture a sphere of white light surrounding your body that repels any negative energy. See this light as impenetrable and protective. The more you practice visualizing this shield, the stronger it will become.


Certain crystals are natural protectors against evil energy. Black tourmaline, obsidian, and hematite are all useful for deflecting negative vibrations. You can carry tumbled stones in your pocket, wear them as jewelry, or place larger stones in the corners of your home. Their mere presence helps create an energetic shield.


Reciting mantras is a simple way to protect your energy field. Repeat affirmations like “I am surrounded by protective light” or “Negative energy cannot penetrate my shield.” Say them out loud or in your mind, with intention and belief. Mantras help strengthen your visualization through the power of spoken word.


Staying grounded prevents your energy from being easily infiltrated. Go outside and stand barefoot on the earth, do deep breathing, meditate, or practice yoga. Any activity that calms your mind and connects you to the present moment will ground your energy. When you are centered and balanced, your shield is fortified.

Using a combination of these techniques consistently will help safeguard you against forces wishing to deplete or manipulate your energy. While evil may still exist in the world, you have the power to protect yourself by raising your vibration and maintaining strong energetic boundaries. With practice, shielding yourself can become second nature.


So there you have it, the basics of protecting yourself against evil energy and psychic attacks. While it may seem far-fetched, many people swear by these techniques. At the very least, staying positive and maintaining healthy boundaries can only benefit you. If you do experience symptoms of an attack, try not to panic. Remain calm and systematically work through the steps to clear the energy and restore your own power. The most important thing is believing in yourself and your own ability to stay centered in times of stress or uncertainty. You’ve got this! With the right knowledge and preparation, you can defend against any unwanted energy that comes your way. Stay strong in yourself and keep that light shining bright.