SnapScore and Digital Reputation: Explore the relation between a user’s SnapScore and their perceived digital reputation among peers

Are your kids begging you to buy snapscore? Don’t worry, you can’t purchase Sanp Score.

What is Snap Score?

Snap Score is part of Snapchat and it’s a ranking system the social media site uses to track how active a user is.

The more functions you use on the site, the higher your Snap Score.

How Your SnapScore Affects Your Digital Reputation

Keeping track of how often someone uses the available functions on Snapchat seems relatively harmless at first glance.

Some parents and even site users may view the ranking system as a positive thing. When you see your rank climbing it can indicate you are spending too much time on the site.

Unfortunately, SnapScore is a ranking system, and younger site users view it as an indication of their online popularity. The higher the score, the more times other site users are interacting with their content.

Pretty soon, their SnapScore may become a priority over other activities like school, friends, and sports.

Before your child starts asking you to buy snapscore, it’s a good idea to learn a little more about the ranking system.

How Snapchat Calculates SnapScores

Snapchat uses an algorithm to track the amount of engagement generated by a user. The precise formula is a carefully guarded secret. However, the basic premise is the more you use the social media app, the higher your score.

How Do You Increase Your Snap Score

Depositing funds will not increase a Snap Score. Instead, sending, replying, and receiving pictures (Snaps) raises your score. Adding friends is another way to move up in the rankings.

App users can also boost their scores by staying active for several days in a row. You can also watch videos, they are located in the app’s Discover section. Exchanging multiple snaps (pics and text) with the same person will also cause your score to increase.

In other words, you need to spend a lot of time on the social media app to have a high-ranking Snap Score.

When Do Scores Update

When the scores update often depends on how active you are on Snapchat. Users who stay engaged for long intervals often see the SnapScores increase every few minutes.

For more infrequent users, it can take the app several hours before it is reflected in your Snap Score.

Hiding Your Snap Score

Sometimes you may want to hide a SnapScore. Sometimes, not seeing it will help reinforce that your SnapScore is not an accurate representation of your popularity with your peers.

You cannot hide or disable the SnapScore. The ranking system is a part of the app.

However, you can set the SnapScore to only be visible to friends. This will help prevent some of the online trolling that can be hurtful to some users.

Go into the Settings icon, it’s the gear-shaped one and scroll down to the Who Can section. Select Contact Me and change your profile settings to My Friends.

If you are wondering about Ghost Mode, it only hides your location.