What is a Commercial Picnic Table?

When you visit a park on a nice, sunny afternoon, and you’re admiring the space around you, what’s something that you probably expect to encounter?  If your guess was some sort of seating arrangement, then you’re correct.  The thing is, no matter what type of space that we’re in charge of, it’s pretty integral to have seating options.

How can we make this happen, though?  What options do we have?  A lot of it will probably depend on the type of space that you’re designing, as well as what you want your guests to do while they sit.  If the answer to that is “eat,” then you may want to consider a commercial picnic table rather than just some benches.

What types of options are available, though?  Obviously, we’re talking about picnic benches and tables here, but what about the specifics?  If you’d like to learn more about the various options available, then make sure to keep reading.  We’ll be covering all of that and more.

Types of Picnic Benches and Tables

As you may have already guessed, and as we hinted at above, there are all sorts of different types of picnic benches and tables.  Your selection will ultimately depend on the aesthetic that you’re aiming for, as well as what you’re specifically interested in as far as the functionality goes.  If you intend for folks to eat in the park (or other space), then picnic tables will be important no matter what material they’re made from.


When it comes to classic materials for all sorts of things, concrete really fits the bill.  There are molds that allow for large picnic tables and their benches to be made from concrete, and they’re all joined so that there’s a low chance of the benches being stolen or tipped over.  You can learn more about them here, but they usually they come in some shade of gray.


Wood is another staple in the public planning sphere.  It’s a resource that isn’t overly difficult to get ahold of, it’s pliable and it can be painted as well, making it appealing in many circumstances.  Just keep in mind that it isn’t always the safest material to utilize.

You see, wood tends to attract insects like carpenter bees or paper wasps, which have the potential to sting or otherwise injure guests.  If you aren’t keen on implementing more pest control measures than you normally would, then wood may not be the right material for you.


Although we may not see a lot of aluminum benches around these days, that doesn’t mean that they’re totally out of fashion.  Admittedly, there are a few drawbacks to using them, but aluminum is another fairly common resource.  That’s part of why it was so popular for a time.

That said, aluminum picnic tables and benches may not be the best idea if you are in a place that is very sunny.  This is because the temperature may heat up, and with the sun shining on the benches all day, it can get quite hot when anyone sits on them.

Recycled Plastic

If you’re looking for a more sustainable option, then there’s a good chance that recycled plastic might fit the bill.  You can read more about how it can be utilized on this page if you’re curious about it.  As the name suggests, these are benches and tables that are made out of recycled plastic, which does help them reach that “sustainable” measure.  

While that may not be something that everyone is interested in, there certainly is a market for them these days.  Additionally, if you do opt for something like recycled plastic for your benches and tables, it’s something that visitors are sure to appreciate as well.   You may even bring in more supporters that way.


The final type of material that we’d like to talk about for now is fiberglass, which is one of the most customizable options that we’ve discussed thus far.  You see, if you decide on fiberglass, you can get the benches and tables in just about any color that you could think of.  That’s the main appeal here, and why they’re quite common to see in a lot of parks across the country.

The Bottom Line

No matter what type of public or commercial space that you’re in charge of and landscaping for, picnic tables and benches are a staple feature.  They provide a place for visitors and guests to kick back and relax, whether they’re planning on eating something or not.  Certainly, they’re something for anyone to consider adding.

Don’t forget that you can get them with certain features like umbrellas as well, if that’s something you’re comfortable with.  The sky is truly the limit in that sense, so explore around to find the ones that really suit your space!