What Is Homecoming Court?

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Homecoming is a cherished tradition in many schools and universities across the United States. It’s a time for students, alumni, and the entire community to come together to celebrate the school’s spirit, pride, and history. A significant part of the homecoming festivities is the Homecoming Court. In this blog, we’ll explore what Homecoming Court is, its significance, and how it adds to the spirit of the celebration.

What Is Homecoming Court?

Homecoming Court is a group of students, typically chosen from the student body, who are honored and celebrated during the homecoming festivities. The members of the court are often elected through a nomination and voting process, and they represent different aspects of the school community. The core elements of a Homecoming Court typically include:

  1. King and Queen: The most prestigious titles in the court are King and Queen. These students are usually seniors and are crowned during the homecoming game or a special event.
  2. Princes and Princesses: Depending on the size and traditions of the school, there may be additional titles, such as Princes and Princesses. These roles can be filled by underclassmen.
  3. Attendants: In larger schools, the court may include attendants or court members, who are often nominated from various student groups or organizations.
  4. Spirit Representatives: Some schools include individuals who represent school spirit and embody the enthusiasm and pride of the student body.

The Significance Of Homecoming Court

  1. Honoring Tradition: Homecoming Court is a way to honor tradition and celebrate the history and heritage of the school. It connects current students with alumni and builds a sense of continuity.
  2. Recognizing Diverse Talents: The members of the court typically represent a range of talents and qualities, from academic excellence to athletic achievement, community service, and school spirit.
  3. Fostering Community: Homecoming Court brings the school community together, promoting a sense of unity and belonging among students, alumni, parents, and staff.
  4. Instilling School Pride: By acknowledging and celebrating the achievements and contributions of students, Homecoming Court instills school pride and encourages involvement and engagement.

The Homecoming Experience

Homecoming is more than just a football game or a dance. It’s a full-fledged celebration that often includes a series of events like pep rallies, parades, tailgating, and themed dress-up days. The culmination of the celebration is the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen, which is a moment of great anticipation and excitement for all involved.

In many cases, Homecoming Court members are also actively engaged in community service and philanthropy efforts. They serve as ambassadors for the school, helping to create positive relationships with local businesses and community members.


Homecoming Court is a cherished tradition that celebrates the spirit, pride, and sense of community that make schools and universities special. It recognizes the diverse talents and contributions of students, fosters unity and tradition, and instills a deep sense of school pride. The annual Homecoming Court event serves as a reminder of the vibrant, diverse, and connected community that forms the heart of every educational institution.

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What Is The Point Of A Homecoming Court?

The court is a special part of homecoming where students get to choose those who they think will reflect their class the best, or who deserves to be an honorable representative.

Is Homecoming Court An Honor?

It is a class honor, place it as such. While the title means more at different schools, it usually means that the person was popular, outgoing, and serious about campaigning.

Is Homecoming Court Important?

The Homecoming Dance has been an American tradition since the beginning of the 20th century. One important aspect of the homecoming dance is the court, which is where a girl and guy are voted by students to be homecoming queen and king.

What Is Homecoming Court Royalty?

The Homecoming Royalty Court is comprised of four (4) students who shall represent the College and student body at various campus and community events throughout the year. The selection process for the Homecoming Royalty Court is based upon leadership activities, academic achievement, and campus involvement.

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